Helping You Handle Life's Little Challenges in Martinez, GA

Our local moving contractor and lawn care specialist is here for you

Life can throw you curveballs, and every new issue makes it harder to catch up. Whether you're moving or you could use some help with your lawn maintenance, we can assist you. D&D Transportation&Hauling&Lawn Care in Martinez, GA got its start because our owner enjoyed working outside and taking care of his property, and now he brings the same level of dedication to helping out others.

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What sets our team apart?

When you're interested in hiring a local moving contractor or lawn care specialist, you can depend on our experienced pros. We'll provide the best service possible on every job. You'll love our:

  • Attentive customer service - we'll make sure to address your needs
  • High-quality results - we'll provide services you can depend on
  • Clear communication - we'll always keep you in the loop

With our team lending the helping hands you need, your property will be well taken care of. Discuss your needs with our local junk removal contractor today.